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❶Archaeology, It was hard to tell if you were just goofing around with me, or flirting.

Looking for younger companion 2540

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Looking for younger companion 2540

Science 2. Gizmodo, |Adult looking sex Ingalls Kansas You work at the in desk at a doctors office m4w You: Are you a painter?

Looking for younger companion 2540

Me: No, I was fixing my friends roof. You: So, you'll fix my roof younyer I wanted you to? I could use that spray stuff on TV. Our conversation continued Fix your roof?

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Is that what you really want? It was hard to tell if you were just goofing around with me, or flirting.

Looking for younger companion 2540

Maybe you were just being nice, but twisitng your hair around your finger and smiling tells me you're interested in more than just getting your roof repaired. Fyi, I think you're georgeous.

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Looking for younger companion 2540

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Looking for younger companion 2540

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